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Wooden toy materials
- Apr 24, 2018 -

The most common materials for sale in domestic market are pine, log, linden, linden splint, MDF (wood synthetic board, often said density plate), beech wood, and rubber wood

Pine: the cheapest (import is more expensive), lighter and more white, and the wood grain road is bigger, and it is easier to split than other wood.

Lotus seed: most commonly used as wooden toys, the price is higher than pine, high density, heavier, uniform texture, and resistance to fall. Tilia: yellow rice, light weight, no wood grain, resistant to fall, the price is more expensive.

Tilia plywood: easy to cut, commonly used to create wooden jigsaw puzzle.

MDF: density board, easy to cut, brown, wooden toys mixed water (paint) part of the commonly used, the price is cheap.

Beech: uniform texture, transverse section is a bit like rice grain, one point, the price is higher than the wood, and also resistant to fall.

Rubber wood: the toys made of this kind of wood are exported mostly for children with very young age. They feel very good and safe.

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